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  Frédéric Guillot d5ff4191b6 Improve unit tests in url package 10 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot c1fe84521e Fix jshint error introduced in commit d4c1677 10 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot 3daef197e9 Add short cli flags -i and -v 10 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot 9606126196 Convert text links and line feeds to HTML in YouTube channels 10 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot d4c1677e38 Change link state when marking all entries as read 10 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot 9dc38a0803 Add missing package descriptions for GoDoc 10 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot 11dfcdd3d6 Fix typo in license header 10 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot 1f58b37a5e Refactor HTTP response builder 10 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot ddfe969d6c Improve Fever API performances when marking a feed or group as read 10 months ago
  Diego Agulló 98206059fc Set focus on article link when pressing prev/next hotkeys 10 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot 9d08139f43 Improve request package and add more unit tests 11 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot 844680e573 Add more unit tests for config package 11 months ago
  stratmaster 8601a67a7d Add another fix for translations 11 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot b1e8f534ef Simplify locale package usage (refactoring) 11 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot aae9b4eb83 Add missing translations and few fixes 11 months ago
  Savely Krasovsky 0e23f37f57 Translate application in Russian 11 months ago
  stratmaster 37ab6eec15 Update German translation 11 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot 5d75089127 Use disclosure widget <details> for advanced feed options 11 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot beb7a0cfcb Use unique translation IDs instead of English text as key 11 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot f244df6293 Add more unit tests for template functions 11 months ago
  Savely Krasovsky d79bab2997 Fix invalid output when truncating Unicode text in templates 11 months ago
  Patrick 2538eea177 Add the possibility to override default user agent for each feed 11 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot 1d335390c2 Split Makefile linux targets by architecture 11 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot b9fee95cf2 Add compiler, Arch, and OS to info command 11 months ago
  Diego Agulló 359aea8308 Avoid line break between emoji and (un)read/(un)star links 11 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot e0bfd220f7 Update ChangeLog 11 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot c9f9dd3262 Store client IP address in request context 11 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot c1e1506720 Revert cookie flag from strict to lax mode otherwise oauth2 won't work 11 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot 46932c91a6 Use predefined Ciphers when TLS is configured 11 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot 2306a4b2f6 Avoid displaying an error when shutting down the daemon 11 months ago
  Adam Vigneaux 07cd7d2135 Add "Mark this page as read" to the bottom 11 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot eee1f31903 Refactor HTTP context handling 11 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot 88e81d4d80 Set cookie attribute SameSite to strict mode 11 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot 6137b401ee Make user creation via environment variables idempotent 11 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot 41ce0a3b80 Make latest changes compatible with Heroku 11 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot 9ba9858bea Use regular text version of ✔︎ instead of emoji version on iOS 11 months ago
  Dave Z 5341bbcbe2 Add toggle status button to entry page 11 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot 4f62a704e2
Improve readme 1 year ago
  Frédéric Guillot a3f3f51c60 Migrate to go modules (Go 1.11) 1 year ago
  Michael a9e9c347f4 Switch Travis to Go 1.11 1 year ago
  Dave Z 9169fbafb2 Show count of feeds with permanent errors in header menu 1 year ago
  dzaikos aae62aae08 Added remote client IP to API login failure error message. 1 year ago
  stratmaster 62ec185154 Add german translation string 1 year ago
  Frédéric Guillot 551b73acfb Add remove button in feed edit page 1 year ago
  Frédéric Guillot febce4f2e3 Split integration tests into multiple files 1 year ago
  Frédéric Guillot df2bebaf3d Update scraper rule for heise.de 1 year ago
  Frédéric Guillot b17e4e88f6 Expose real error messages for internal server API errors 1 year ago
  Frédéric Guillot c327833314 Simplify context keys 1 year ago
  dzaikos 4148d8af80 Added remote client IP to login failure error message. 1 year ago
  Frédéric Guillot f43a055d63 Move Golang API client here 1 year ago